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A free embroidery file viewer for embroidery enthusiasts

Wilcom TrueSizer is made up of a number of different tools within what is known as embroidery software. TrueSizer is the name of different pieces of software built especially for people who are interested in embroidery. Wilcom are the developers and/or owners of the TrueSizer software. The basic TrueSizer software is free, but the Pro version costs money.

Two free services for embroidery file viewing

With the TrueSizer Web free service, you are able to access a wide variety of files containing information about embroidery, which includes patterns and things of that nature. You may use this TrueSizer tool on your desktop computer or your mobile device. Plus, they have created their own file format for keeping, editing and storing embroidery files. The TrueSizer Desktop free service also allows you to view, read and modify embroidery files, except that it also offers full design scalability where the Web service doesn’t. The TrueSizer desktop version has been built with the same core programming that was used in Wilcom’s professional embroidery design software.

Very handy for people interested in embroidery

Wilcom TrueSizer software allows you to read and convert popular embroidery files. It allows you to rotate files and resize files too. It also allows you to save and open their .EMB files, and you may view multiple colourways. If you would like further options, such as design and editing options, then you will need to pay for their Pro TrueSizer software. Nevertheless, if you are an embroidery fan, then Wilcom TrueSizer may be just the program for you.


  • They offer two free tools for embroidery fans
  • Their apps work on mobile and desktop devices


  • You cannot modify embroidery files without paying
  • The free versions have very limited functions and options

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Wilcom Truesizer


Wilcom Truesizer e2 B 2.0 for PC

User reviews about Wilcom Truesizer

  • Leila Almasi

    by Leila Almasi

    Wow! Wilcom Truesizer is a worthy to download software! Mainly because their desktop service offers a full design scalability which letMore

  • Janine Burke

    by Janine Burke

    Wilcom Truesizer provides the best embroidery designing experience out of all the embroidery software that I have tried. I really love More

  • Mario DaSilva

    by Mario DaSilva

    I really enjoy watching people do embroidery but, unfortunately, I don't have good ability to make beautiful stitches. So, I just downlMore

  • Jing Li

    by Jing Li

    If you are not a good embroider in real life yet, you must download this software to actually learn how to properly do it and maybe eveMore

  • Nokshanart Chaiyatip

    by Nokshanart Chaiyatip

    very good.......................................................................

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    great for home embroidery users.
    I am a home embroidery user and highly recommend this software as very useful to opening up desiMore

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